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Shock Room Fitness is a collaborative venture driven by the shared passions of Dr. Maggio and Heather Hoffman. With a collective vision for holistic wellness and innovation, they joined forces to introduce Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to the fitness world and beyond. Beyond transforming workouts, Shock Room Fitness offers unparalleled benefits for rehabilitation, injury recovery, and sports performance optimization. Dr. Maggio's expertise in aesthetics and Heather's background in health and wellness provided the perfect synergy for creating Shock Room Fitness. Together, they are dedicated to revolutionizing fitness and empowering individuals to achieve their wellness goals efficiently, whether it's recovering from an injury, enhancing athletic performance, or simply optimizing overall health.


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Founder & Owner

Dr. Richard Maggio

Dr. Maggio, a seasoned Board Certified Urological Surgeon with over 25 years of experience, has not only revolutionized the aesthetics industry but has also delved into the realm of fitness innovation. As the founder of Shockroom Fitness, Dr. Maggio's journey into Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology stemmed from a deep-seated commitment to holistic wellness. Recognizing the transformative potential of EMS, Dr. Maggio was drawn to its ability to revolutionize traditional workout routines. With EMS, just 20 minutes of training can yield results equivalent to a three-hour conventional workout, making it a game-changer in the fitness industry. This efficiency not only aligns with Dr. Maggio's ethos of optimizing time and results but also resonates with his dedication to providing clients with cutting-edge solutions that enhance their overall well-being. Driven by a passion for innovation and a desire to empower individuals to achieve their fitness goals efficiently, Dr. Maggio invested in Shockroom Fitness. By integrating EMS technology into workout sessions, he aims to democratize access to high-intensity training while minimizing the time commitment required, catering to the diverse needs of modern fitness enthusiasts. Moreover, as a healthcare professional, Dr. Maggio understands the importance of safe and effective exercise regimens, particularly in the context of injury rehabilitation and preventive care. EMS technology offers a low-impact yet highly effective solution for individuals recovering from injuries or seeking to strengthen specific muscle groups, further underscoring its significance in promoting holistic wellness. In essence, Dr. Maggio's investment in Shockroom Fitness reflects his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of health, aesthetics, and fitness. By leveraging EMS technology, he not only enhances the efficacy of workouts but also empowers individuals to embark on a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle. With Dr. Maggio at the helm, Shockroom Fitness emerges as a beacon of innovation, poised to redefine the future of fitness in the USA and beyond.

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Bianca DeLuca

Director of Marketing & Sales

Bianca DeLuca is not just a fitness enthusiast; she's also fitness instructor with a passion for empowering others to achieve their health and wellness goals. Bianca enjoys personal training and worked both privately and for large corporate gyms. She continues to dedicate her free time to helping others unlock their full potential. While her background initially began in the fashion garment industry, Bianca transitioned seamlessly into finance, where she has thrived for the past 25 years. Yet, despite her successful career, fitness has always remained her true passion and hobby, serving as a cornerstone of her life. During the pandemic, Bianca embraced the challenge of bodybuilding, pushing her limits and embarking on a journey of self-discovery. This newfound dedication to fitness perfectly aligns with her core values, reflecting her commitment to personal growth and perseverance. As a devoted mother to a lively 7-year-old and a loving wife married for over 10 years to her husband, whom she's known for 24 years, Bianca's family is her driving force. Despite her busy schedule, she always finds time to stay active, whether it's through running, hiking, or yoga. Bianca's impressive athletic feats include completing three NYC marathons and numerous half-marathons, showcasing her endurance and determination. In her leisure time, Bianca indulges in her love for travel, enjoying new adventures and experiences around the globe. She also appreciates the finer things in life, relishing delicious food and wine. However, nothing brings her greater joy than spending quality time on the couch with her three mini schnauzers and her cherished family, savoring each precious moment together. As Bianca embarks on this new chapter of her fitness journey, her unwavering dedication and passion for helping others lead healthy, fulfilling lives continue to shine brightly.

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Heather Hoffman

Co - Founder & Franchiser

Heather Hoffman is a seasoned professional and visionary entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in the beauty and wellness industry. With a rich background as a Leading Clinical Esthetician for Johnson & Johnson’s Research and Product Development Team, she has garnered invaluable insights into skincare, health, and beauty. Having founded successful ventures like Luminous Salon & Spa, The Luminized Bride, and serving as a Managing Partner at About Face by Luminous MedSpa, Heather’s entrepreneurial journey reflects her passion for innovation and excellence. Her expertise extends to the realm of electric muscle stimulation (EMS), where she is currently driving forward her latest venture, Shock Room Fitness. Despite enduring 11 spine surgeries and a cervical infusion, Heather’s resilience and belief in EMS technology have propelled her towards a life free from pain. Her personal journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of EMS technology in rehabilitation and strength-building. Heather’s commitment to empowering others extends beyond business, as evidenced by her creation of the “Shock Your Attacker” Women’s Self Defense Course, a community-focused initiative aimed at enhancing personal safety. As the co-founder and manufacturer of Shock Room Fitness, Heather is at the forefront of revolutionizing the fitness industry with EMS suits. These cutting-edge suits are redefining personalized workouts, integrating virtual reality, facilitating rehabilitation, and enhancing sports performance. With EMS technology poised to reshape the fitness landscape, Heather’s leadership and vision position her as a driving force behind this electrifying evolution. For those seeking to elevate their gym experience or empower their clients with the latest advancements in fitness, investing in an EMS suit is the gateway to unlocking the future of fitness.

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Angel Martinez

Project Manager & Coordinator

Angel Martinez's journey into the world of dance began at the age of 9, igniting a lifelong passion for movement and music. With over a decade of experience as a dance cardio instructor, Angel has inspired countless individuals to embrace fitness through the joy of dance.As one of the pioneers of EMS workouts in New Jersey, Angel is at the forefront of fitness innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance workouts and maximize results. His dedication to staying ahead of the curve in the fitness industry reflects his commitment to helping others achieve their health and wellness goals.Beyond his love for dance and fitness, Angel's passion for music is evident in all aspects of his life. Whether he's choreographing routines to the latest hits or co-hosting a popular podcast, music is the driving force behind his creative endeavors.With a talent for content creation, Angel effortlessly engages audiences across various social media platforms, sharing his expertise in dance, fitness, and music with a global audience. His ability to connect with others through digital storytelling has established him as a prominent influencer in the wellness community.Outside of his professional pursuits, Angel finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, from recording music to indulging in reality TV marathons. And of course, no day is complete without spending quality time with his beloved shorkie companion.Angel Martinez's multifaceted talents, boundless energy, and infectious enthusiasm make him a true powerhouse in the worlds of dance, fitness, and entertainment.

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Andre Tosado

Project Manager 

Andre Tosado is a martial arts and fitness expert with a diverse range of skills and qualifications. With intermediate level training in Jun Fan Gung Fu and Filipino Martial Arts under the guidance of Sifu/Guro Mike Wolhfert, as well as instruction in Contemporary Jeet Kune Do Kali from Sifu P. Vunak, Andre brings a wealth of knowledge to his practice.With over eight years of experience in Muay Thai and expertise in Savate, Andre's martial arts prowess is unparalleled. He has also completed specialized training in Active Shooter Response, Knife Counter Offence Tactics, and Combating Violence, demonstrating his commitment to comprehensive self-defense training.In the realm of fitness and first aid, Andre is equally accomplished. He is a certified Muay Thai Fitness Coach and has served as a Strength Conditioning Coach and Boxing/Kickboxing Coach at UFC Gym. Additionally, he holds certifications as an AHA First Aid, CPR, and Basic Life Support Instructor, along with advanced training in controlling bleeding and Stop The Bleed instruction.Andre's dedication to community service is evident through his role as a Volunteer First Responder with the Cedar Grove Rescue Squad. With his extensive martial arts and fitness background, coupled with his commitment to first aid and emergency response, Andre Tosado is a true asset to any training program or organization.

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