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No matter what sport you play, our "POWER SUIT" EMS Bio Jacket, will charge up your workout, improve your performance, while at the same time, our suit can be used to reduce injury, speed up recovery time and allow you to return back to the game you love 

Customizable Programs 

Improves Performance

Reduces Injuries

Speeds up Recovery



Our EMS technology boosts swing power, control, and consistency. Achieve significant results quickly, perfect for busy golfers. EMS aids in injury prevention, ensuring golfers maintain peak performance. Customized Training: Tailored programs target specific muscle groups and movements, optimizing performance for each golfer.


Our bodysuit jacket system uniquely targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously, surpassing the capabilities of standard TENS or NEUBIE units. Unlike traditional methods, our technology optimizes training by efficiently enhancing speed, agility, and mobility across various sports disciplines. Athletes benefit from faster recovery and reduced injury risks, achieving peak performance in less time. Whether in football, soccer, tennis, or any sport, our system enables precise muscle targeting and effective training, ensuring athletes reach their full potential with unparalleled efficiency.

Football, Soccer, Tennis, Track & Field, Basketball
Recovery & Injury


Our Bio Jacket revolutionizes rehabilitation for sports injuries, post-surgery recovery, and age-related mobility issues. By precisely targeting atrophied muscles, we promote strength and mobility restoration, leading to faster recovery with reduced stress. With balanced engagement of both sides simultaneously and customizable programs, patients experience efficient and comfortable rehabilitation.

If you’d like more information about our "POWER SUIT", get in touch with one of our skilled professionals today.

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